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free software, information nuggets and opinions, mostly on East-Asian and artificial languages, informatics and politics.

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Do your people ever lose time by negotiating in English with Chinese or Japanese partners? Did you ever doubt the wisdom of hardlinking your documentation with a specific language, paper layout and word processor format? Then my experiences are of interest to you.

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->FFII: Software Patents in Europe
For the last few years the European Patent Office (EPO) has, contrary to the letter and spirit of the existing law, granted more than 30000 patents on computer-implemented rules of organisation and calculation (programs for computers). Now Europe's patent movement is pressing to consolidate this practise by writing a new law. Europe's programmers and citizens are facing considerable risks. Here you find the basic documentation, starting from a short overview and the latest news.
->Patent Jurisprudence on a Slippery Slope -- the price for dismantling the concept of technical invention
So far computer programs and other rules of organisation and calculation are not patentable inventions according to European law. This doesn't mean that a patentable manufacturing process may not be controlled by software. However the European Patent Office and some national courts have gradually blurred the formerly sharp boundary between material and immaterial innovation, thus risking to break the whole system and plunge it into a quagmire of arbitrariness, legal insecurity and dysfunctionality. This article offers an introduction and an overview of relevant research literature.
->Software Patentability with Compensatory Regulation: a Cost Evaluation
Europe is preparing major changes in its patent system. The European Patent Office (EPO) has proposed to remove limitations on patentability, such as the exclusion of computer programs in Art. 52 of the European Patent Convention (EPC). A report by the French Academy of Technologies supports this proposal but suggests additional regulation measures in order to reduce potential abuses of software patents. In this article, we try to assess the costs of such compensatory regulation. They add up to an estimated 1-5 billion EUR per year for the European Union. Various regulation approaches and cheaper legislative approaches are compared in this article.
->Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) is a non-profit association registered in Munich, which is dedicated to the spread of data processing literacy. FFII supports the development of public information goods based on copyright, free competition, open standards. More than 250 members, 300 companies and 15,000 supporters have entrusted the FFII to act as their voice in public policy questions in the area of exclusivity rights (intellectual property) in the field of software.
->EUROLINUX Alliance
->Eurolinux Petition for a Software Patent Free Europe
My Lisp toolkit for building multilingual hypertext
->A2E Multilingual Computing
->Dictionary Database

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